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We all recognize that Maple Ridge has transportation issues, we are at the outside limits of Translink’s service area and have suffered for it. A flat rate DCC charge from Translink isn’t equitable when you get the least service. It should be a sliding scale so that those that get the least service pay less.

We finally get a B-line next year and an increase in service hours. This will make a big difference but its not enough and any further improvements won’t come soon enough.

As a member of the Mayor’s Council I will press for more service, sooner.

I will not support mobility pricing or any distance-based scheme because it hurts our commuters disproportionately. We need transit options, now.

Because we are still growing as a community some of our transportation corridors aren’t completely built out. We have to continue connecting and expanding those corridors until we have a good backbone of roads and transit options. A good example is Abernethy and the plan to go through to 256th with a second bridge into Silver Valley at 240th. One of my principles is “You have to connect things”.

The Pitt bridge was built to accommodate rail and I want to see a plan and timeline to make it happen.

One of the innovations in transportation that’s on the planning horizon is Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and their effect on the urban landscape. There will be versions of AV popping up within 5 years or less. With AV the accident rate could decrease by over 80% and road efficiency increase by 30%. These positive outcomes make AV attractive to all levels of government. We have to start including this reality in how we plan our community.


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