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Proud to run for MAYOR of Maple Ridge




On October 20 ...elect


as your MAYOR!






The present council has done more to increase transparency than any other I have been involved with. We were the first council to live-stream and archive council, workshop and public hearings. Technology that has been available for years and not pursued by my two adversaries even after it was called for by a member of council.

The present council also established the Mayor’s Task Force on Open Government which led to 58 recommendations, many of which have been addressed. One, the Open Government Portal has received national recognition, the 2018 CAMA Willis Award “The true innovation of the platform lives in the values on which it was built; increasing community engagement, promoting transparency and gaining business value from data”. With it you can; use the Land Development Viewer to search all aspects of a file, Secondary Suite Inquiry to see if a suite is legally registered, a property tax estimator for the public and staff, WHAM - What’s Happening Around Me a map and flag-based function, you can register service requests or concerns, next budget data will be linked to council decisions and I can see a dashboard linked to a big spend so anyone can track it.

As Mayor one of my goals is to bring truth to the heart of our organization. As we build more layers on the Portal it will be easier for any citizen to learn how the city runs.


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