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I am running for mayor because...

I believe in strong, consistent and compassionate leadership that works for the entire community.

As Mayor my commitment is to plan for the future, be progressive in policy, innovative in practice, transparent in operations and compassionate with people.

I listen for the quiet voice as well as the loudest. To me governing means listening to everybody and creating environments where people feel welcome and heard.

We live in a wonderful city that used to be a quiet little town. We can embrace our past while creating a progressive city with a rich lifestyle that always feels like home.

Being progressive means learning what works beyond our borders and applying it to local policy and practice. We need to keep building our rich lifestyle so we are attractive to the type of quality employers and businesses we are looking for; our future depends on it.

I want to create a community we can all be proud of, where there is a place for everyone and everyone is respected.

As Mayor I am committed to working with and mentoring whomever gets elected. The next council will need to be collaborators in order to be successful in dealing with the serious issues in our community.

I will foster good relations between those on council by doing what I always do. Take the issues seriously and myself lightly, using humor and acceptance because we will all have different approaches and opinions. I never hold grudges against anyone for a decision honestly taken. Life is too short and the issues are many.

I will work with council to; make our streets safer, create more recreational and cultural opportunities, more affordable rentals and low cost housing, more local jobs, activate fallow farmland, protect our natural areas, protect our industrial areas, promote our community for tourism, work to get post-secondary education locally, build on our natural assets and promote Maple Ridge as what it is, a beautiful and progressive place to bring your business and raise your family.

Here is my take on some of the issues:



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