Craig Speirs

Proud to Serve on Maple Ridge Council

I am committed to making our community a better place by growing in ways that respect and sustain our social, natural, and economic environments.

There are many challenges being faced by our community every day, one of the most difficult is growth and the pressures it places on taxes, infrastructure, and the services we all depend on. We need to grow in a sustainable way that doesn’t create a need for huge tax increases today or leave a tax hangover for future generations. Focusing on an industrial strategy that expands our economy and commercial services that fit our needs and available land will take the pressure off the taxpayer.

Residential sprawl has to be taken out of our planning documents.

"Neighbourhood planning is the key to creating a shared vision that creates a snapshot of what we want our neighborhoods to look and feel like in the future. We need to know where we are going in order to get there."

My 2014 Platform


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