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Homelessness has been an ongoing problem in this community with passionate people taking strong positions on both sides of the debate. In my view we will never have peace until we have solutions that fit the needs of the homeless and the community while making our city safer. I want to build bridges instead of driving wedges between people.

We can’t keep repeating what we have been doing. We need a proposal that actually gets to a public hearing so we can hear from the entire community not just the loudest voices.

I believe Maple Ridge is a compassionate community that wants a resolution to this issue and I will work with council, BC Housing, the provincial government and citizens to find that resolution.

Everything I have learned on this issue tells me that we need a centrally located purpose-built shelter with associated supported housing. That support needs to have involvement from, Fraser Health, BC Housing, addiction services, employment services and other agencies but most of all it needs support from our community. We need to embrace solutions that get folks into housing and off our streets.

We have to look our fear, anger, judgements, prejudice and hate in the face and ask ourselves, are they valid? How will they make our city safer and our lives better?

The provincial government has offered our community tens of millions for housing, we have to stop saying no.

Negative responses will never lead us forward, they only ensure that we remain stuck where we are, with an ongoing camp and no purpose-built facility. We need a positive resolution, as quickly as possible.


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