Craig Speirs

Proud to run for MAYOR of Maple Ridge




On October 20 ...elect


as your MAYOR!





History, Arts and Culture

The old saying that says that in order to see our future we have to understand our past is truer today than it ever has been.

Maple Ridge lacks the ability to tell its story, our museum is bursting at the seams and although the staff do an amazing job the facility is insufficient and in need of an upgrade. We need to have a conversation about what a new museum might look like, where it might go and what we might combine with it to create a viable operating model.

Arts provide the flavors of our community and I love all the flavors! As mayor I will be encouraging more music, more public art, more plays, more opportunity for artists to display their work and more opportunity for citizens to get involved with making their own art.

This is a huge part of our lifestyle and extremely important in attracting the types of employers we want most.

Maple Ridge is home for many cultures from around the globe. They contribute a texture and energy to our community that makes us more welcoming to the world. The community also benefits from the energy they add; arts, dance, food and a strong desire to add to what it means to be from Maple Ridge and Canada.

I have had a good relationship with Katzie and Kwantlen for many years. Both are interested in working with Maple Ridge to make improvements that benefit all three communities. As Mayor I commit to maintaining those relationships and to looking for partnering opportunities where everyone benefits. I expect great things to come from our relationship.


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