Craig Speirs

Proud to run for MAYOR of Maple Ridge




On October 20 ...elect


as your MAYOR!




Our community is over half way through its growth cycle. We are 85,000 at the moment and have planned to top out at 130,000 so we have to focus on the services and infrastructure we are going to need as we build out.

The challenge to every Council going forward is to build our community without excessive tax increases. To accomplish this, we need to get more out of the development process, be efficient with land use, create appropriate commercial zones, expand our industrial base, develop the agriculture and tourism sector while looking for non-traditional forms of income.

I make decisions based on the good of the community instead of the short-term needs of development. One of the main reasons we have not collected enough money for the infrastructure we need is because past councils have not charged enough in Development Cost Charges or established Community Amenity Charges so that development pays its fair share. I’m proud to say this last council showed great leadership by creating a CAC program and increasing DCCs. Millions were lost by prior councils because of their in-action.


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