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Climate change

As I write this we are experiencing a long and difficult heat spell with fires burning all over the province with smoke everywhere putting people with respiratory issues at great risk. We also came perilously close to a flood a couple months ago. This is obviously a pattern of climate change and every community is faced with how to respond. We are already careful how we build at the forest interface and we need to lobby senior government for funding to raise our dykes where appropriate.

We will need to focus on operations and continue our transition to renewable forms of energy production and transportation.

I believe that every new building should contribute to its energy needs, the building code need to be changed to insist on this.

We should also look at programs that encourage retrofits on poorly performing buildings. This is where we need to lobby senior governments to create programs that work and to change regulations like the building code that will help us build a more efficient and resilient community.
I think we need to pay attention to how communities have responded around the world in order to find innovations that we can use in Maple Ridge.


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