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Proud to run for MAYOR of Maple Ridge




On October 20 ...elect


as your MAYOR!




Recreational cannabis is a non-traditional revenue generator that will be legal three days before this election and if we play our cards right we will get a significant and sustainable flow of taxation for our city.

We have to be careful as to where we place retail and how grows are created but this isn’t a difficult thing to manage.

This industry exists right now within Maple Ridge and if we are careful many illegal grows will be able to transition into legal taxpaying businesses. We will be able to ensure they are built to an acceptable standard through business licensing and inspections.

Maple Ridge isn’t close to transportation and this industry isn’t dependent on accessibility. We also have a large amount of rural land that is also well suited to the cannabis industry.

The jobs be acre ratio is quite robust with one legal grow locally employing 26 people on 1 1⁄2 acres. Average wage $60k, entry level $45k. 70% of employees live in Maple Ridge.

So, we have available land, a trained workforce and experienced growers that are capable of growing some of the best cannabis in the world, if we do this right we can grow a brand-new industry that fits well with what Maple Ridge has to offer and will contribute significant tax revenue and local employment.


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